Capacity building for Cameroonian national actors in charge of Civil Registry

AMBERO accompanies the Cameroonian delegation in Seoul as part of the pilot project to digitize civil status facts and position it at the center of the Cameroon e-government platform to be built.

To benefit from Korea’s experience in digitizing public services, a delegation of 17 IT experts from Cameroonian government structures (MINDDEVEL, BUNEC, MINSANTE, DGSN, ANTIC) made a study visit to Seoul from September 1 to 16, 2023, as part of the pilot project to digitize civil status records (PAMEC II) co-financed by German (GIZ) and Korean (KOÏCA) cooperation. The objectives of the visit were threefold: to discover South Korea’s digital civil registration system, to analyze its contribution to the e-governance model implemented by Korea, and to draw lessons for the digitization of the civil registration system in Cameroon.

To achieve these objectives, the Cameroon Delegation carried out a number of activities, including visits to institutions such as the Sejong City Community Service Center (South Korea’s Administrative Capital), the Government 24 Exhibition Hall, the Gangnam-gu Commune Administration Center, the National Highway Traffic Control Center, the Gangnam City Remote Monitoring Center, the KLID (Korea Local Information System Research and Development Institute) and the Shared Information Resource Center.

Alongside these visits, the Cameroonian delegation attended presentations and training workshops on the operation of the digital resident registration system, the architecture and operation of the e-government platform, the operation of the national shared information resource center, the use of open sources to set up the e-government platform, and strategies for developing the broadband telecommunications infrastructure that is the main lever for the digital transformation of the Korean administration, society and economy.

All members of the Cameroonian delegation returned from South Korea with a single objective: to draw inspiration from the Korean model to improve the digital civil registration system currently under construction, and position it at the heart of the e-government platform to be built in Cameroon. The IT experts of the AMBERO team for PAMEC II are proud to have contributed to the realization of this mission.