Celebrating 20 years of work, cooperation, and success

Founded on September 19th, 2003, in Kronberg im Taunus, today, AMBERO Consulting has an extensive experience in the design, preparation, implementation, and monitoring of projects in four continents, working for clients such as GIZ, the KfW Entwicklungsbank, the European Union, the World Bank and the Agence Française de Développement. 20 years of experience, that were reflected upon and celebrated in an event that brought together former and current employees, old and new management as well long-term business partners.

The day started with the “Methodentag”, a one-day workshop on project-related methodologies and knowledge management within the company. A wonderful opportunity to refine the company’s contribution to international development, to strengthen existing ties, but also for those who recently joined the AMBERO team to delve deeper into the company vision and get to know more about the different sections’ work and colleagues.

This accomplished, it was time to celebrate two decades of AMBERO’s work and impact and the joyful experience of successful cooperation in the field of economic, environmental, and governmental development. Led through the evening by a marvellous master of ceremony, three panels gave an entertaining and inspiring overview to AMBERO’s history in between the three courses of the delicious meal.

After delicious starters, a lively exchange between Dr. Bernhard Amler, the founder of the company, and Juliane Schörmann, managing director for corporate functions, provided an insight into the start and early years of AMBERO. These were completed with some anecdotes and words of gratitude through video messages former colleagues.

Following the main course, a panel of current employees discussed the years of growth, rounded off by Dr. Amler referring to the challenges and opportunities for AMBERO in joining the Dorsch Group in 2021.

The menu was topped off with a selection of exquisite desserts, concluding with an interview-like dialogue between the recently appointed works council chairman Marius Jakl and the current Managing directors Juliane Schörmann and Juan Neidhardt about lessons learned and future perspectives.

A well-deserved celebration, with careful details all through the evening, all attentively designed and successfully carried out by the company’s own employees, allowing to see just how much AMBERO and its collaborators have achieved to date, and how important the work of each and everyone in this process has been.

The evening came to an end with a joyful surprise: a piñata in the shape of a dolphin, which represents the company’s maxime – contributing to international development with joy and success in our work.

To the next 20 years and more to come!