New Horizons

AMBERO strives for more and is pleased to form together with the partner companies Dorsch InternationalAHT GROUP GmbH and Enviroearth a powerful alliance for international cooperation under the umbrella of Dorsch Holding. Dorsch Holding is a company of RSBG Infrastructure Technologies GmbH, the infrastructure company of the RAG Foundation.

Synergies between the companies will help to strengthen the companies’ efforts in climate change mitigation and to strengthen their multidisciplinary service portfolio in the area of development cooperation.

AMBERO Consulting is among the leading consulting firms for development cooperation with around 40 employees in Germany and about 130 local experts in the project countries. Services offered by AMBERO are comprising good governance, economic and social development as well as climate and environmental protection. AMBERO will act and operate as independent company within the Group, profiting from the synergies of a multidisciplinary engineering service provider with a worldwide network.

„By combining water, wastewater and renewable energy engineering with good governance and economic development consulting, we are strengthening the market position of both Dorsch and AMBERO in the development cooperation sector in a sustainable way. Moreover, we expand our geographical coverage from North Africa, the Middle East and the Balkan Countries to Sub-Saharan Africa, Latin America and Asia“, explains Ms Tanja Baur, being responsible for the development cooperation business segment at Dorsch Gruppe.

Managing Director of AMBERO Dr. Bernhard Amler states: „Together with Dorsch, we are breaking new ground in development cooperation by combining the strengths of both companies and working together for better climate protection and a fairer world.” Dr. Amler will be responsible for the development cooperation business segment within Dorsch/RSIntec together with Ms Baur.