Coal mining adventure for AMBERO, AHT and Dorsch International Consultants

Since January 2021, AMBERO forms together with the partner companies Dorsch International Consultants, AHT GROUP GmbH and Enviroearth a powerful alliance for international cooperation under the umbrella of Dorsch Holding (read more about it here). Dorsch Holding is a company of RSBG Infrastructure Technologies GmbH, the infrastructure company of the RAG Foundation.

This explains why, this year, as part of our annual company outing, AMBERO initiated the idea to meet the colleagues from AHT and Dorsch International Consultants in Essen (Germany), where the AHT headquarters, together with the ones of the RAG Stiftung, are located.

There, we had the honor to meet Mr. Jäger from RSBG, who explained us how the RAG Stiftung is bearing the responsibility for financing the perpetual obligations resulting from hard coal mining in Germany: pit water management, polder measures and groundwater purification.

And in order to get to know the RAG Stiftung’s purpose better and to learn about the history of the Ruhr region, we visited the Zollverein Coal Mine, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It has been a unique opportunity for us to learn more about the actual economical and environmental challenges that the Ruhr valley has to face.
We also had a look at the photo exhibition “Beyond Emscher”, which documents social life, landscape and architecture in the northern Ruhr region in 16 artistic positions.

This cheerful day ended with a treasure hunt, which was also the opportunity to get to know each other better – on our way growing together.