Artificial Intelligence Kapak for transparency in public procurement, supported by Ecuador SinCero, wins award in Dubai

Kapak is the name of the artificial intelligence developed by the Universidad San Francisco de Quito (USFQ). The created online platform based on Kapak aims to facilitate civil participation and social control in public procurement in Ecuador. The platform is a tool to make information on public procurement transparent in order to prevent corruption through the automatic detection of irregularities on three levels: the procurement process, the contracting entity, and the supplier.

This project received technical assistance from the Ecuador SinCero – corruption prevention, transparency, and citizen participation programme of the German development agency GIZ.

Kapak entered the competition Prototypes for Humanity 2023 in Dubai, that annually awards the most impactful environmental and social innovations that have the power to change the world, and won the award for Education, Equality and Communities. Prototypes for Humanity states:

“Kapak empowers citizens by enhancing transparency in an area of government historically lacking oversight, aiming to integrate advanced algorithms for improved monitoring.”1

We congratulate the Universidad San Francisco de Quito for this achievement and are happy to have been part of the Ecuador SinCero, a project financed by BMZ and GIZ

Find out more about our participation in providing technical services for Ecuador SinCero.