Sensitization on agrobiodiversity in Timor Leste

Sensitization on agrobiodiversity in Timor Leste

„What is agro-biodiversity and why is it important for us? How can we maintain agro-biodiversity and use it to improve living conditions for smallholding farmers?“


These were the questions men and women from 15 villages in the districts of Lautem, Baucau and Viqueque, had to ask themselves at the start of the project. They discussed which natural resources occur in their areas and what traditional knowledge already exists on the local ecosystems and the old robust species, which are rarely planted nowadays. The men and women subsequently sketched maps of the natural resources and ecosystems in their villages in separate groups. This helped to illustrate the agricultural biodiversity and understand negative developments. After the day-long sensitization workshop, which took place in each village, interested farmers worked in groups together with agricultural advisors from the Ministry for Agriculture and the technical advisors from AMBERO, in order to develop methods to maintain and improve the region’s agro-biodiversity.


AMBERO has been advising farmers in Timor Leste on issues of protection and sustainable cultivation of agro-biodiversity since October 2012.


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Date: 01.03.2013
Topics: Agro-biodiversity in Timor Leste, Sensitization activities