Security Training for AMBERO employees

Security Training for AMBERO employees

From June 29th to 30th 2021, AMBERO employees, with strict respect to anti-COVID-19 measures, participated in an inhouse security training, focusing on behavioural training in critical stress situations which could occur during field missions.

Practical outdoor exercises in the backyard with a training car included different role plays enabling the participants to change perspectives between victims and offenders. Selective theoretical input, such as Coper’s Colour Code, security in hotels, downtown at night by feet alternated with appreciated moments to share respective experience and discuss risk management options.


The feedback from the participants was positive and it was an intense experience for the group: “Being an offender was more exciting and stressful than I thought, and I saw how quickly an inappropriate behaviour can lead to uncontrolled reactions. Together with the theoretical background we discussed in the training, I now feel more confident to act cooler and correctly in difficult situations. Nevertheless, the training did not only focus on critical stress situations, but also included everyday issues such as health care, travel organization and emergency equipment.”


The goal of the training was to systematically raise awareness for different types of security issues to be prepared for during a potential field mission in fragile security contexts, but also in everyday life, and to activate prevention and self-care potentials.


The training was implemented by Rolf Thienemann, an experienced senior security and risk-management consultant of the German firm Krisenwerk GmbH.