Unterstützung der Konsolidierung der Reform des Strafverfahren sowie der Justiz in Peru

Unterstützung der Konsolidierung der Reform des Strafverfahren sowie der Justiz in Peru

Good Governance and Civil Society




I: 2010-2012 / II: 2013-2014



Project Description


Since 2003, GIZ has advised the Peruvian Justice Department and the Supreme Court of Justice in their criminal proceedings reform, which has been implemented in 16 judicial districts so far.

Since 2010, AMBERO has been entrusted with the implementation of this project. The reformed proceedings have been introduced in 14 additional judicial districts since then.

The judicial district of Lima / Callao is considered essential for the successful evaluation of the reform. Thus, the current project phase focuses on necessary knowledge and experience transfer, as well as the further development of concepts and strategies for the successful continuation and consolidation of the reform process.

It is particularly key that that the developed approaches, instruments, and knowledge management systems are securely anchored and institutionalized. The project is also supporting the adaptation of administrative procedures for civil, criminal, and administrative law provisions. Fighting corruption is another project focus.



The project’s goal is the application of rule of law quality criteria in the continuation and expansion of the judiciary reform. The improved performance of the reformed criminal proceedings is thus reflected in the duration of proceedings, ratio of convicted prisoners to prisoners awaiting trial, acceptance of judicial rulings, and quality of a criminal ruling’s structure, comprehensibility, and justification.

In cooperation with the Max Planck Institute for Foreign and International Criminal Law, our consulting services focus on the effective management of the implementation process, an analysis of the experiences so far and their consideration in the development of reform proposals for the new criminal proceedings, as well as the integration and training of all relevant judicial actors.

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General Information 
Topics:Good Governance and Civil Society
Period:I: 2010-2012 / II: 2013-2014
Service:Capacity Development (trainings in universities and other key institutions)
Networking and network management (communities of practice, stakeholder networks, monitoring committees)
Scaling-up (Multi-level dialogues in various networks on processed experiences and integrating into reform proposals)
Advising on the effective management of implementing the reform process and on developing further reform proposals