Sustainable Land Management Project (SLMP)

Sustainable Land Management Project (SLMP)

Climate, Environment and Biodiversity




SLMP I: 2011-2014 / SLMP II: 2014-2016



Project Description


South of the Sahara, Ethiopia is one of the countries most affected by land degradation. One of the consequences is a decline in agricultural productivity.

The program’s development goal is the reduction of land degradation in agricultural land and the improvement of small farmers’ productivity, particularly in areas that are increasingly affected by land degradation and food insecurity.



KfW is responsible for the smooth and timely implementation of the project. AMBERO supports them together with its project partner in:

Consortium with GITEC

General Information
Topics:Climate, Environment and Biodiversity
Period:SLMP I: 2011-2014 / SLMP II: 2014-2016
Service:General project management
Financial management and accounting
Quality control and supervision of the planned investments
Sectoral investment projects/programs, mainly in the agricultural and rural development sectors; program-based approaches and basket funding
Conservation and management of natural resources with particular emphasis on participative and integrated development and management of watersheds (planning, implementation, monitoring, and evaluation)
Agricultural development
Community development