Supporting Decentralization and Municipal Development in Benin

Supporting Decentralization and Municipal Development in Benin

Good Governance and Civil Society




2014 – 2017



Project Description


Since the beginning of the decentralization in Benin and the ten-year advisory services by PDDC a lot has been achieved. Key responsibilities for meeting the basic needs of the population, through the provision of public services have been transferred to the municipalities. First steps have been taken towards the municipalities’ control over basic processes of municipal planning and the management of financial resources, which are transferred to them through a national mechanism. Generally, local authorities still count on a weak financial basis and they often lack the necessary financial and human capacities and competencies to provide adequate access to basic services for the population.

The AMBERO-team advises the 25 partner municipalities directly through 15 national experts. Over the course of the program tools have been developed and tested successfully. We are now working towards enabling the communities to apply these tools independently. The instruments range from increased tax revenues, improved civil registry to realistic municipal planning (financial- and spatial planning) and transparent local development. Innovative coaching approaches including „peer-to-peer learning“, „on the job training“ and group coaching have been applied, training and preparing the municipalities to carry out their tasks autonomously in the future. Moreover, the capitalization and upscaling of already achieved results are important activities of our experts.

Objectives and Results


The partner municipalities independently apply a range of planning and management tools that have been developed during previous phases of the program. The municipalities adopt the tools in a sustainable way. This enables them to provide high-quality demand-orientated services, especially to the poor and women, taking into account the principles of good governance.

Consortium with PEM Consult

General Information
Topics:Good Governance and Civil Society
Service:Technical-, organizational- and process consulting (coaching) of the staff of 25 Beninese municipalities, in the topics:
1. Strategic municipal development planning;
2. Human Resource Management
3. Municipal development
4. Modernization of civil registry
5. Improved internal management of the local government, through the use of manuals and auto-evaluation
6. Increasing tax revenues
7. Realistic and transparent budget management
Coaching of the mayors and council members regarding their roles and responsibilities

Development of networks for professional exchange within and between communities as well as between local communities and de-concentrated service provided by the state

Regular revision and evaluation of the experiences, as a contribution to knowledge management and upscaling of the program
Extensive analysis of the progress of decentralization at the municipal level and other studies