Support Program for Decentralization and Poverty Reduction (ADLP)

Support Program for Decentralization and Poverty Reduction (ADLP)

Good Governance and Civil Society




ADLP I: 2011-2014 / ADLP II: 2014-2017



Project Description


In Burundi, the local authorities have great difficulty to supply the population with essential basic services and to create an environment which promotes economic development.

The causes are insufficient transfers of competencies and financial resources, a lack of administrative and technical skills to implement local development plans, ill-defined responsibilities and the inability to create a trusting working-relationship with the private sector.



AMBERO and its project partners were commissioned by GIZ to support Burundi in improving the performance of local authorities and other decentralized actors.

Three components contribute to this: (1) promoting decentralization, (2) local governance and (3) local economic development.

Consortium with PEM Consult

General Information
Topics:Good Governance and Civil Society
Period:ADLP I: 2011-2014 / ADLP II: 2014-2017
Service:Build the capacity of local council members, municipal employees, decentralized administrations, and other stakeholders involved in the implementation of decentralization
Technical and institutional organization of the National Fund for Municipal Investments (FONIC)
Strengthen the capacity and coordinate networking of local and regional economic stakeholders
Disseminate innovative agricultural concepts
Build the capacity of local and provincial governments on local economic development