Support of local democracy and reduction of poverty in Paraguay

Support of local democracy and reduction of poverty in Paraguay

Good Governance and Civil Society




I: 2008-2010 / II: 2009-2013



Project Description


Paraguay’s political culture has thus far not kept pace with the development of formal democracy. Low poverty reduction despite macroeconomic improvement is due to the intransparency and inefficiency of government action at all levels.

This program supports local democracy and the reduction of poverty and provides a holistic approach to increasing the capacity of selected municipalities. In addition to the improvement of municipal management, consultation of the public finance management and the dissemination of good practices, emphasis is placed on the promotion of inter-agency coordination and public involvement through improved internal and external relations with the communities.



The program’s objective is that selected municipalities organize local development in a more efficient, more participatory and more transparent manner.

AMBERO’s consultation of municipalities offers a vital contribution towards building the capacity of the cooperation management and their coordination and strengthening civil society’s organizational and articulation capacity in light of the social stratification. Important state and non-state actors meet in local coordination and participation authorities chaired by the Mayor or his representative and exert effective influence on local development and resource allocation.

General Information
Topics:Good Governance and Civil Society
Period:I: 2008-2010 / II: 2009-2013
Services:Conceptualize training materials based on the target groups' need and timely disposition
Transfer theoretical and practical knowledge to relevant multiplier groups
Continuous process consultation and capacity development of the coordination and participation authorities (modules for planning, political participation, monitoring, gender, etc.)
Systematic review of the experiences gained in Communities of Practice and a handbook of best practices
Consult on the consolidation of local coordination authority’s work
Scaling-up (development and application of a concept to transfer the experience to other municipalities)