Support for Integrated Water Resource Management in Benin (AGIR-Eau)

Support for Integrated Water Resource Management in Benin (AGIR-Eau)


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In Benin climate change is leading to shifting rainy seasons, decreasing the availability of water and increasing the risk of flooding. On top of inadequate access to drinking water and sanitation, these changes necessitate the need to manage water resources efficiently.


This project of the GIZ and the Ministry for Water and Mines aims to foster integrated water resources management at catchment and sub catchment level, to improve access for an ever-growing population to safe drinking water and sustainable sanitation and wastewater treatment systems.

Project description:


Over the timespan of a little more than a year, together with the help of our consortium partner Cosinus Conseils SARL our team of long- and short-term experts will provide organizational and technical support for national institutions, support the creation and management of local water committees, improve early warning systems for flooding and conduct a study on climate resilient urban sanitation.



  • The IWRM policy framework integrates gender issues and is resilient to climate change.
  • IWRM measures focusing on climate resilience and gender are being implemented in 3 river basins.
  • The basic components of a service chain for wastewater treatment have been developed.


  1. Strengthen the institutional capacity to regulate the IWRM and sanitation sectors
  2. Facilitate the implementation of ecologically and economically sustainable, climate- and gender-sensitive IWRM measures in the Pendjari, Mékrou and Mono river basins
  3. Improve the Early Warning System in Benin’s four main watersheds (Pendjari, Mékrou, Mono and Ouémé)
  4. Analyze wastewater management in the larger Cotonou region and two secondary towns
  5. Support the development of a service chain for wastewater management.