Strengthening of local land management in Serbia

Strengthening of local land management in Serbia

Regional and Economic Development   /
Good Governance and Civil Society




I: 2010-2012 / II: 2013-2016 / III: 2016-2018



Project Description


Serbia’s transformation process on the regulatory system of access to land and type of use has only been partially been carried out. Yet, these are essential prerequisites for a functioning social market economy.

In the project, AMBERO consults primarily at the national and local levels, occasionally also at the neighborhood level. At the national level, legal-institutional, organizational, and procedural issues are targeted, while at the local level, methodological and technical knowledge will be addressed. AMBERO pursues a demand-driven approach at the local level and broad-scale impact through the continuous involvement of all relevant stakeholders in knowledge and experience transfer.


The project aims to strengthen the competencies of municipalities for environmentally sustainable, equitable and efficient land-use management.

The project develops and tests innovative planning and land tenure tools and methods for a transparent, participatory, fair, and proactive land management in 13 pilot municipalities. A broad knowledge and experience transfer about new land management instruments, which also incorporate practices and innovations from Germany and other transformational countries in the region, is also being organized. The implementation experience will be formulated as recommendations for improved conditions. The practice-oriented education and training on the new land management instruments is being firmly anchored in the curricula of relevant degree programs.

Consortium with ICON

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General Information
Topics:Regional and Economic Development /
Good Governance and Civil Society
Period:I: 2010-2012 / II: 2013-2016 / III: 2016-2018
Service:Develop capacity in the preparation of urban development plans and GIS use
1. Strategic municipal development planning;
2. Human Resource Management
3. Municipal development
4. Modernization of civil registry
5. Improved internal management of the local government, through the use of manuals and auto-evaluation
6. Increasing tax revenues
7. Realistic and transparent budget management
Train and test the implementation of various innovative planning and land tenure instruments

Consult on the reform of legal and institutional frameworks

Develop capacity of regional institutions and municipalities