Stärkung der Gemeindeentwicklung und Demokratie im Maghreb

Stärkung der Gemeindeentwicklung und Demokratie im Maghreb

Good Governance and Civil Society




01/2015– 06/2015



Project Description


The recent reforms in Morocco, such as the involvement of citizens in planning processes or the creation of an Advisory Council for Youth and community work in the communities, provide the legal precondition for strengthening participatory approaches and civic engagement in local authorities.

Within this changed framework, dialogue between citizens and communities shall be promoted and new forms of cooperation between civil society groups, young people and the city administration shall be tested.



The aim of the GIZ project is to improve the dialogue between the civil society, particularly youth organisations, and the Moroccan municipalities.

The project complements the regional programme of GIZ CoMun III (Strengthening of local structures in the Maghreb) which has already established urban learning networks on topics like renovation of old towns, energy efficiency, mobility and waste management. The technically oriented exchange is now widened with the topics citizen participation and cooperation with civil society organisations.

General Information 
Topics:Good Governance and Civil Society
Period:01/2015– 06/2015
Service:This project builds upon results achieved during our first contract with CoMun from September 2013 to December 2014.

Further development of the focus area local participatory governance within CoMun III e.g. support to the network of towns, design of activities for transparency and effectiveness

Integration of the gender mainstreaming and diversity approach in the activities of the phase of CoMun III e.g. elaboration of a comprehensive gender and diversity concept and support to its implementation,

Consultancy and support of local partner municipalities in conducting dialogues with the civil society e.g. in regard to topics like women’s participation in local politics, public transport, youth promotion,
Identification, planning, implementation and monitoring of micro projects which aim at the participation of the population - in particular the youth, women and other disadvantaged groups - in planning and decision-making processes. Facilitate exchange between micro projects of different cities. Concrete measures of municipal and urban development are also supported.