Promotion of small and medium-sized enterprises in Benin (ProPME)

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Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises (MSME), account for 95 % of all companies in Benin but many enterprises are unable to realize their growth potential due to variety of structural problems and challenges. This project of the GIZ and the Ministry for SMEs and Employment Promotion aims to increase the employment generating growth by training MSMEs and support services. AMBERO/COSINUS will provide technical training in the areas of good hygiene practices and human resource management and accompany the creation of new support offers.

Project description:


Together with our consortium partner Cosinus Conseils SARL AMBERO’s team of long- and short-term experts will provide technical trainings and individual coaching sessions to MSMEs from all over Benin. Due to the facts that women are often discriminated against in access to employment and unemployment is especially high in youth, special attention will be put on their access and participation in the trainings.



  • The entrepreneurial and technical capacities of MSMEs are strengthened.
  • Support services and structures for MSMEs are sustainably further developed.
  • Appropriate processes for attracting and managing human resources are available to MSMEs.


The trainings will take place in two cohorts from 2023 to 2025 and reach over 300 MSMEs in the area good hygiene practices and over 120 SMEs in the area human resource management.

To ensure a sustainable anchoring of the conducted trainings, SME support structures will also be trained and accompanied in the creation of new support offers.