Programme to support the modernisation of public finances (PAMFIP)

Programme to support the modernisation of public finances

(PAMFIP – Projet d’Appui à la Modernisation des Finances Publiques)

Regional and Economic Development

Client: GIZ

Period: 09.2014-09.2017

Country: Cameroon



Cameroon’s Vision 2035 and its national development strategy are designed to improve the overall social and economic situation of the country. These strategies focus on growth, employment and good governance.


They also seek an ambitious reform of public finances, including the introduction of results-oriented budgeting and improved process for the elaboration of the programme-budget (via the PPBS chain: planning, programming, budgeting and monitoring-evaluation).

Project description:


PAMFIP supported the implementation of programme-based budgeting introduced by the government as of 1 January 2013. It aimed to ensure that the state budget is geared towards results and that there is a direct link between the annual budget and implementation of the national development strategy, as well as sector strategies.

The programme helped to translate the national development strategy into sector strategies, taking account of the cross-cutting topics of gender and climate change (adaptation and mitigation), and promoted improvements in tax administration. Potential sources of revenue were identified in order to increase tax revenue.


The programme was organized throughout 3 fields of intervention:

  1. Automatization of the budget processes, in cooperation with the Ministry of Finance (MINFI) and the Ministry of the Economy and Planning (MINEPAT);
  2. Fostering the introduction of the programme-budget and its effective use through support to the implementation of the PPBS (planning, programming, budgeting and monitoring-evaluation) chain, with a focus on training, monitoring & evaluation and implementation of management control, in partnership with MINFI and MINEPAT ;
  3. Support to the Tax administration, via a functional and organisational analysis of the tax administration and the preparation of an integrated IT solution for revenue management.


The programme built on the accomplishment of the previous project called „Programme to support the implementation of the Paris Declaration (PAEDP)”, for which AMBERO already provided consulting services throughout the whole project.



AMBERO Consulting delivered its main services within the B) field of intervention but also intervened in field A) via the development an integrated strategy for the automatization of public financial management (SIGEFIP).

It provided technical, process, and policy advice at the national level in the context of Public Financial Management (PFM) reforms.


Services provided and activities were organized around three “macro-processes”:

  1. Optimization of the national performance monitoring & evaluation system;
  2. Improving the quality and impact of training designed to support PFM reform;
  3. Development of the programme-budget and coherence of the PPBS chain.


AMBEROs team in Cameroon was composed of two long term experts (international and national), supported by a pool of international experts.