Programme to support the modernisation of public finances II (PAMFIP II)

Programme to support the modernisation of public finances II

(PAMFIP II – Projet d’Appui à la Modernisation des Finances Publiques)

Good Governance and Civil Society

Client: GIZ

Period: 10.2017-06.2020

Country: Cameroon



Cameroon’s Vision 2035 and its national development strategy are designed to improve the overall social and economic situation of the country. These strategies focus on growth, employment and good governance.


They also seek an ambitious reform of public finances, including the introduction of results-oriented budgeting and improved process for the elaboration of the programme-budget (via the PPBS chain: planning, programming, budgeting and monitoring-evaluation).

Project description:


The PAMFIP aims to support the government of Cameroon in both the improvement of intern resources mobilisation (taxes) and the efficiency of public spending. It operates under the overall scheme of the new CEMAC (Economic and Monetary Community of Central Africa) regulations of 2011, which settles the frame for the implementation of programme-budgeting.

It works along with the Ministry of Economy (MINEPAT) and the ministry of finance (MINFI), who are both responsible for budget preparation and spending.


More specifically PAMFIP works to:

  • Support the tax administration (DGI) in its modernization plan. It helps the administration to develop its controlling process by cooperating more closely the customs administration (DGD) in particular regarding the value-added tax.
  • Improve budget preparation, programming and monitoring of activities. The approach will involve the whole budget chain, allowing a better conformity with the annual finance law.
  • Implement management control in the administration, in selected pilot ministries through direct consultancies and field services. This will greatly improve the way budget programmes are implemented by the ministries.


The programme builds on the previous long-term project „Programme to support the modernisation of public finances – PAMFIP” for which AMBERO already provided consulting services throughout the whole project.



AMBERO Consulting delivers its main services within the A) field of intervention: “Increase the coherence between budget planning, elaboration and execution”. It provides technical, process, and policy advice at the national level in the context of public finance management (PFM) reforms.


We are responsible for the achievement of output B: “the preconditions for a transparent implementation of the programme-budgets have been improved”. This objective is to be achieved through the operationalization of management control (contrôle de gestion) in selected pilot ministries.


This involves the implementation of the following 5 groups of activities:

  1. Diagnosis of existing tools, practices and capacities of management control (including screening and selection of pilot ministries) ;
  2. Development and improvement of management control tools ;
  3. Support the DREF in leading the implementation of management control


AMBERO provides for the project implementation a long-term expert team, as well as pools of international and national short-time experts.


In a separate contract, AMBERO also supports MINEPAT and MINFI in the improvement of its medium-term budgetary framework, by reviewing the whole current process and drafting new guidelines and rules for a better coordination between long term development goals and budget preparation and implementation.