Program to support the implementation of the Paris Declaration (PAEDP)- Development of a M&E system for the DSCE

Program to support the implementation of the Paris Declaration (PAEDP)- Development of a M&E system for the DSCE

Good Governance and Civil Society







Project Description


The effective implementation of Cameroon’s development strategy, Growth and Employment Strategy Paper (GESP – DSCE), is being hindered by a lack of capacity in the Ministry of Economy, Planning, and Regional Development (Ministère de l’Economie, de la Planification et de l’Aménagement du Territoire) and Ministry of Finance (MINFI).



The project is strengthening the capacity of the MINEPAT and MINFI in terms of a coherent results-based planning and programming of public funds in the investment budget. Additionally, the project will strengthen MINEPAT and MINFI’s capacity in the medium-term expenditure planning and budgeting to introduce program-based financial management and an appropriate monitoring system including the implementation of the Paris Declaration.

Our consulting services are concentrated on the development and implementation of a national monitoring and evaluation system for Cameroon’s development strategy (DSCE).

In consortium with ICON Institute Public Sector GmbH

General Information
Topics:Good Governance and Civil Society
Service:Technical, process, and policy advice at the national level with a focus on the sustainable strengthening of capacities for results-based planning, implementation, management, and monitoring of reform processes, in particular the national development strategy and some related sectoral strategies
Analysis of the existing M&E system to develop a short- and medium-term action plan to improve the system and quality analysis of existing targets and indicators
Training and coaching on monitoring and evaluation, objective and indicator formulation, operationalization of indicators
Preparation of a manual to clarify the monitoring system’s processes and reporting formats
Design and analysis of monitoring and evaluation modules in the context of IT programs (for data collection and analysis)