Program for Integrated Social and Sustainable Development – PRODESIS

Program for Integrated Social and Sustainable Development – PRODESIS

Good Governance and Civil Society


Secretaría de Desarrollo Social (Mexico)/ EU





Project Description


Southern Mexico’s federal state of Chiapas has been experiencing severe conflicts of interest around several protected areas in the jungles of La Selva. Conflicting interests arise from the use and misuse of natural resources.

The conservation and rehabilitation of these resources and biodiversity should lead to sustainable income stabilization for the marginalized indigenous people, thereby contributing to poverty reduction.

The project PRODESIS aims to improve the social development and political involvement of the communities living around the protected area of Monte Azules.



The project’s goal was to develop and implement a strategy for sustainable regional development. The project empowered regional and local stakeholders in 830 communities and 16 micro-regions around the Montes Azules protected area in the planning and implementation of development processes.


To ensure the project’s success, participative methods were applied and target groups, including community representatives, were closely involved.
Consortium with GOPA and COMADEP

General Information
Topics:Good Governance and Civil Society
Client:Secretaría de Desarrollo Social (Mexico)/ EU
Services:Prepare community development plans and strengthen community capacity
Institutional support: Organizational development and strengthen community networks
Build stakeholder capacity on sustainable and participative planning processes
Develop methodology, instruments, and tools for the participatory planning process
Design und set-up an information system that makes the relevant data for regional planning, such as socio-economic, geographical, and economic elements, available and accessible for communities
Establish a financial control system
Develop models linking departmental planning with sectoral and central government planning systems