Program Community Promotion (PACT) – Component 3 “Governance of regional and local economic development”

Program Community Promotion (PACT) – Component 3 “Governance of regional and local economic development”

Good Governance and Civil Society / Regional and Economic Development







Project Description


Though a decentralization process was initiated in Mali in 1992 with substantial donor support, the effects of this policy remain minimal.

Communities lack personnel and administrative capacities; their financial leeway is limited. The population’s need for public administration and basic services is not satisfied; economic development and local democracy cannot fully develop.

The PACT Program addresses these issues with three components:
1. Decentralization consolidation
2. Local administration and basic social services
3. Regional governance and local economic development



AMBERO is strengthening the role and capacity of local authorities and inter-municipal structures to support the use of local economic potential and hereby contributes to PACT’s Component 3 „Regional governance and local economic development“, above all in the areas of regional economic development, land use and development planning, and women and entrepreneurship.

Consortium with IP Consult

General Information
Topics:Good Governance and Civil Society /
Regional and Economic DevelopmentRegionalentwicklung und Wirtschaftsförderung
Service:Identify, implement, and consult on measures to strengthen the capacity of local authorities
Support local authorities in the planning and implementation of investment approaches to promote economic development
Build the capacity of local and regional authorities on regional development planning methods and instruments
Consult with the region’s local authorities in addressing spatial aspects in the development of an economic development strategy
Support the dialogue between stakeholders and identify potential synergies to promote women entrepreneurs
Support networks in the formulation of regional economic development policies and strategies
Strengthen women entrepreneur’s capacity and support the formalization of their entrepreneurial activities