Economic and Social Development Programme for Secondary Cities Exposed to Factors of Instability (PRODESV II)

Economic and Social Development Programme for Secondary Cities Exposed to Factors of Instability (PRODESV II)



The „Programme de Développement Economique et Social des Villes Secondaires exposées à des facteurs d’instabilité (PRODESV II)“ is in line with the government’s programme to fight poverty and to provide access to employment as set out in the Growth and Employment Strategy Paper (Document de Stratégie pour la Croissance et l’Emploi- DSCE) as well as Cameroon’s vision for 2035 and the Sustainable Development Goals. This Programme follows on from PRODESV, implemented by AMBERO since 2019, and targets Cameroonian cities and towns that are affected by instability factors in relation to large population displacements and will mainly target areas hosting refugees, IDPs and other types of migrants in Cameroon.



Project description


The second phase of the Programme will support 8 secondary cities (Dibombari, Mbanga, Melon, Nkongsamba 1er, Babadjou, Galim, Bangourain and Nkong-Zem) in the Regions Littoral and West of Cameroon. Support is provided through the implementation of municipal projects – especially the construction of public infrastructure – based on an approach promoting the integration of local entrepreneurship, vocational training and labour-intensive works (HIMO). The Project is implemented by the Special Council Support Fund for Mutual Assistance – FEICOM. The latter is a national agency in charge of financing municipal projects and supporting local development throughout Cameroon.


The specific objective of PRODESV II is to strengthen the capacity of secondary cities to cope with crises, welcome new arrivals and promote inclusive communal socio-economic development in an environmentally friendly manner, in order to contribute to strengthening regional stability and better migration management in Cameroon.


The expected results of PRODESV II are as follows:

  • Public infrastructure promoting the socio-economic development of secondary cities is built, operated, maintained in a sustainable manner and used by the populations of host communities and migrants.
  • Jobs and local entrepreneurial opportunities are created in connection with the construction, operation and use of infrastructure in secondary cities.
  • The professional skills of refugees, internally displaced persons and other migrants and their host communities are strengthened.
  • The capacities of secondary city administrations to manage infrastructure put in place and to manage emerging urban crises and conflicts are strengthened.
  • The capacities of FEICOM staff to actively support all aspects of the implementation of PRODESV II, as well as other similar projects and more generally to fulfil its mandate, are being strengthened.

Good Governance and Civil Society / Regional and Economic Development

Client: Equipment Special Fund for Mutual Assistance (FEICOM) /KfW

Period: 01.2021 – 12.2025

Country: Cameroon



The consortium led by AMBERO will support FEICOM throughout the execution phase of PRODESV II. The services provided by the consortium consist in particular of:
  • Develop with FEICOM and all concerned the details of the implementation plan for the second phase of PRODESV according to the methods adopted for PRODESV I.
  • Support beneficiary municipalities in their planning, studies, participatory approach, approval process, procurement of services and works, project management, implementation, monitoring/control and commissioning of municipal projects.
  • Implement technical and vocational training (FTP) in the municipalities and support income-generation projects in connection with infrastructure construction.
  • Advice to municipalities on measures to operate and maintain infrastructure and other municipal projects.
  • Animation in the municipalities by a binomial of young graduates; good organization, management and upgrading of these animators in consultation with the FEICOM Regional Agencies, preparation of the animators so that they can possibly be recruited in the Municipalities after the closure of the project.
  • Supervise PRODESV II activities and operations by ensuring compliance with applicable laws and regulations relating to the environment, occupational health and safety, working conditions and social matters.
  • Strengthen the capacities of municipalities, including in conflict management, support for budget planning, project management and financial management.
  • Strengthen the capacities of FEICOM and provide advisory support to FEICOM PRODESV II structures at national and regional level.