National Program to Support Protected Areas (SNAP)

National Program to Support Protected Areas (SNAP)

Climate, Environment and Biodiversity


Ecuador Ministry of Environment (MAE) / KfW





Project Description


Ecuador has 44 protected areas which cover almost 19% of Ecuador’s land surface. Despite the increase in the number of protected areas, general land use has led to a gradual soil degradation.

The causes are manifold and are associated with improper land use, bad agricultural practices and overgrazing, especially in the inter-Andean and eastern regions. Nation wide, the central problem lies in the unsustainable use of land by the impoverished rural population. This results in degradation of forests an natural resources and consequently it reduces Ecuador’s development potential.

AMBERO supports – together with its project partners – the sustainability of biological diversity and the livelihood of Ecuador’s rural population, by strengthening SNAP in priority zones and involving regional and local actors.

General Information
Topics:Climate, Environment and Biodiversity
Client:Ecuador Ministry of Environment (MAE) / KfW
Service:provide technical advice on the planning and the participatory management of protected areas
supervise technical criteria and administrative management processes of investments in the program
conduct training programs for the staff involved in the program management; develop and implement a strategy towards achieving financial sustainability, as well as specific studies of profitability, marketing and environmental impact
establish a single and standardized system to permanently monitor various interventions