Developing the Value Chain for Municipal Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Projects in Algeria

Municipal Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Projects in Algeria



Algerian municipalities currently face high electricity consumption and subsequently high costs for public street lighting and buildings.


Project description


The GIZ Program “Green Municipalities” aims to improve the energy management of Algerian municipalities regarding climate impact and financial sustainability.

However, the aim to increase the use of renewable energy (RE) and energy efficiency (EE) technologies on municipal level face various constraints:

  • Municipalities have little knowledge and implementation experience in RE & EE technologies as well as no financial incentives to use them (demand side).
  • Local enterprises face deficits concerning quality assurance and lack of knowledge of innovative business models (supply side).


The Program therefore focuses on strengthening the supply and demand side simultaneously via four outputs:

  • Output 1: Implementation of EE & RE measures in four pilot municipalities (Bechar, Djelfa, Relizane and Souk Ahras) to set a positive example
  • Output 2: Introduction of a digital energy management system in 40 municipalities
  • Output 3: Improvement of administrative conditions for increasing the quality and sustainability of RE/EE installations and services in the pilot municipalities
  • Output 4: Development of the Regulatory Framework and Incentive System for the utilization of RE & EE


The consultancy services provided by the consortium AMBERO-CESIEnvidatec contribute to Output 3 and Output 4.

Regional and Economic Development

Client: GIZ

Period: 11.2021 – 11.2022

Country: Algeria



The consultancy services provided by the consortium AMBERO-CESI-Envidatec are organised into two different work packages:

  • Development of the value chain for solar energy and improving the opportunities for local enterprises by supporting the development of a solar energy market in Algeria for small-scale installations.
  • Enhancing the visibility of the expected results of RE & EE investments by introducing calculator tools for profitability and energy savings in order to motivate and support Algerian municipalities in their effort to utilize RE & EE technologies.