Migration and Diaspora

Migration and Diaspora



Shaping regular migration to prevent irregular migration and strengthening the developmental effects of migration pose major challenges for many countries. Key actors in countries of origin have not yet succeeded in adequately harnessing the positive effects of regular migration and diaspora engagement for the social and economic development of their countries.



Project description


The global project “Program Migration & Diaspora” (PMD) provides – based on the international commitments of the federal government (Agenda 2030 Goal 10.7. / implementation of the Global Pact for Secure, Orderly and Regular Migration, GCM) – a comprehensive contribution to the priorities of migration policy and the departmental approach of federal government. Thereby, the BMZ aims to support and strengthen the potential of migration for global development. The objective of the PMD is to identify key actors and enable partner countries to use regular migration and diaspora involvement more effectively to achieve their development goals (PMD module goal).
The PMD aims to contribute to:
  • Reduction of irregular migration, promotion of voluntary return and expansion of regular, development-oriented migration;
  • Structure-building migration policy advice and capacity building for partner governments and regional organizations for effective migration management;
  • Development policy contribution to the skilled worker immigration law and national Action Plan Integration;
  • Implementation of the „Marshall Plan with Africa“, above all creation of prospects for staying in Africa through Promotion of business start-ups in the diaspora in the countries of origin;
  • Reduction of transaction costs and development-promoting use of remittances;
  • Involvement of the diaspora as a development policy Actor.


With its structure-building approaches, the project flanks the „Perspective at home“ and thus represents a sustainable overall approach to migration policy of the Federal Government of Germany.

Regional and Economic Development

Client: GIZ

Period: 08.2020 – 04.2021

Country: Worldwide



AMBERO is responsible for developing information products as well as for the conception and implementation of qualification measures. By providing two service packages, AMBERO supports the PMD team (GIZ and partner structures) in selecting partner countries and improving their advisory services to the Skilled Immigration Act:
  • Service package 1: Production of information material / Public relations: Preparation and production of Information material and documentation in German, English, French; concept for public relations in coordination with partners in the partner countries and especially with the Federal Foreign Office and BMZ.
  • Service package 2: Qualification measures for the Skilled workers Immigration Act: Counseling of employees in the migration counseling centers of GIZ through internet platforms such as webinars as well as online training and weekly consultation hours. In addition, advice for the partner structures, in particular the advisors in the employment agencies through virtual and direct Training.
The aim of the above measures is to ensure that the advisors of the expert and partner structures in their advisory services to actively use the knowledge and materials gained towards people interested in migration. Through the support services of AMBERO, they should be enabled to recruit qualified personnel with a degree as well as prospective to inform them about the necessary requirements for migration to Germany and to forward them to the recognition procedure and the visa application process to the competent authorities. In case of the existence of a concrete recruitment and placement offers from abroad should also include an examination of development and social compatibility.