Limpopo National Park: Implementation of the Support Zone Development Plan

Limpopo National Park: Implementation of the Support Zone Development Plan

Climate, Environment and Biodiversity







Project Description


The objective of the project was to improve the livelihood of the people living in the Support Zone (SZ) and in so doing to reduce the pressure on the natural resource use in the park’s core area.

AMBERO together with its project partner elaborated in a participative way the Support Zone Development Plan in a first step and then implemented it.

Consortium with IP Consult

General Information
TopicsClimate, Environment and Biodiversity
Service:Participate in the development and implementation of the Support Zone Development Plan, in particular regarding income-generating activities, in coordination with GIZ
Integrate resettled communities in the development plan and monitoring progress
Coordinate activities with the provincial and district administration, particularly during the planning and development of social infrastructure (water, education, health) and planned investments
Based on the development plan: Define the rights and obligations of park residents in regards to the access, use, conservation, and sustainability of the park’s natural resources
Develop and implement a monitoring and evaluation system in collaboration with the World Bank’s TFCA project
Support data collection and establishment of an information system
Interact with local communities, Mozambican administration representatives, NGOs, concessionaries and other partners to ensure the effective development of the Support Zone