Implementation of a Community Development Strategy in Chimanimani National Park

Implementation of a Community Development Strategy in Chimanimani National Park

Climate, Environment and Biodiversity   / Regional and Economic Development


MITUR/GEF/World Bank





Project description


This project responds to the core problem that comprises the threat to Mozambican ecosystems’ outstanding biodiversity: the unsustainable use of natural resources by local populations who due to poverty, rely on these resources for their daily survival. The lack of institutional capacities for sustainable natural resource management aggravates this problem, whereas the outstanding biodiversity represents an unutilized opportunity for Mozambique’s eco-tourism development.



Our mission is the participative development and implementation of a development strategy that would strengthen local communities and their economic development in the Chimanimani Protected Area. Local actors, such as rural communities, districts, and private businesses, were systematically integrated into natural resource use and economic development.

Consortium with IP Consult and KSM

General Information
Topics:Climate, Environment and Biodiversity /
Regional and Economic Development
Services:Raise awareness amongst all stakeholders, such as local communities, local and district authorities, private businesses, and NGOs
Support the establishment and implementation of management plans for protected areas and bordering areas
Strengthen organizations and build capacity for local business enterprises in the areas of eco-tourism and natural resource management, as well as organize Public-Private-Partnerships (PPPs)
Promote local participation in tourism projects (amongst others, conflict reduction, income generation, and increased acceptance of the protected area)
Technical support in the identification, development, and registration of local economic development enterprises
Develop Public-Private-Partnerships (PPPs) between local communities and the tourism industry
Identify mechanisms for the use of income from protected area management to promote local tourist enterprises
Develop a monitoring and evaluation system for project activities, in addition to a system that ensures the economic and ecological sustainability of the project