Good Financial Governance in Mozambique

Good Financial Governance in Mozambique

Good Governance and Civil Society




2015 – 2016



Project Description


Mozambique is a state of predominantly rural characteristics. Offering public services to the population in remote areas and providing a functioning infrastructure for further economic advancement requires an effective decentralised system of public finances. Up to now, districts and municipalities dispose of insufficient resources and capacities; leading to deficiencies in the administration of finances, unsustainable business practices and a lack of accountability.



This project supports the Mozambican districs and municipalities to increase the efficient, effective and accountable use of public resources, in accordance with the principles of Good Financial Governance.

Capacity development measures thus take place in three interlinked action areas

Increasing resources on a sub-national level

Improvement of the effectiveness and efficiency in the use of funds

Strengthening the functionality of internal and external controls on an individual, organizational and structural level

Consortium with IP Consult and Niras.

General Information
Topics:Regional and Economic Development
Service:Advice on communication of audit results and the promotion of transparency to the Tribunal Administrativo,
Development of common strategies for strengthening efficient and effective external and internal control system in Mozambique
Advice, Assistance and training to areas of local revenues, budget planning and managing procurement contracts according to the annual procurement plan,
Assist national and provincial government institutions to establish adequate procedures of order to monitor the implementation of participatory planned public investments,
Development of POEMA training modules and capacity development of the public officials' training institute IFAPA