Good Financial Governance – Accountability and Revenue Mobilization in Tanzania

Good Financial Governance – Accountability and Revenue Mobilization in Tanzania


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Through the Good Financial Governance Programme (GFG), the Tanzanian system of public finances is strengthened through the principles of Good Financial Governance. The programme supports the Public Financial Management Reform Program (PFMRP) strengthening the capacities for supply and demand of accountability. It develops capacities on national and sub-national level, involving non-governmental actors of the civil society and the private sector (multi-level approach) along four areas of activity:


  • strengthening external financial control,
  • strengthening the internal audit system,
  • strengthening the system of local public revenue,
  • strengthening social accountability.

Project description:


The overall objective of the GFG is that the public finance system is strengthened in line with the principles of good financial governance, in particular transparency, efficiency and accountability.


AMBERO contributes to achieve this objective providing consultancy services in 15 Local Government Authorities (LGA) in the frame of Fields of Action 3 (Supporting the system of local public revenue) and 4 (Strengthening social accountability).



  • Development and implementation of a procedure to select the partner Local Government Authorities, based on formally agreed selection criteria,
  • Consultancy of local authorities on revenue management,
  • Development of capacity building measures, using coaching and on-the-job training approaches and designing the required tools and instruments,
  • Development of tools and strategies for local government-citizen communication, for social accountability promotion,
  • Production of input and recommendations for the national public finances reform process.

Please find here a video about this project:

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