Fund for Sustainable Economic Development in Iraq (SEDI)

Fund for Sustainable Economic Development in Iraq (SEDI)

Regional and Economic Development




I: 2013-2014 / II: 2014-2016



Project Description


In the program, „Sustainable Economic Development in Iraq“ (SEDI), GIZ introduced concrete steps for the collaboration between public and private actors to promote SMEs and employment.

AMBERO’s and project partners project is part of the SEDI program and addresses the acute shortage of local skilled workers in Iraq’s automotive sector. It thereby contributes towards improving Iraq’s employment rate at large.



The project invites all stakeholders in the automotive sector – both private and public – to participate. Our consortium (AMBERO, bfz and KGE) sustainably establishes the cooperation between European automobile companies, Iraq’s „one-garage operations“, as well as public education. Market-oriented continued education offers arose out of this cooperation.

AMBERO and its project partner undertake the organization of these trainings. The organization is subsequently transferred to a stakeholder representative. The project is initially planned for Kurdistan (Erbil) with the possibility of expanding to other regions and industries.

Consortium with KGE and bfz

General Information
Topics:Regional and Economic Development
Period:I: 2013-2014 / II: 2014-2016
Service:Establish an integrated development partnership with multiple partners
Initiate, advance and accompany the public-private dialog processes
Encourage and support the process of establishing „one-garage operations“ representation
Initiate and support the development of a stakeholder representative to take over the sustainable management of training activities
Encourage and support the “Lighthouse projects”
Initiate, organize, and support one-year, secondary training activities for 50 “one-garage” operators and their employees
Evaluate the dialog, cooperation and coordination processes, training activities, and prepare and consult on the concept’s dissemination to other regions and branches