Fire Prevention, Control, and Monitoring in the Cerrado, Brazil

Fire Prevention, Control, and Monitoring in the Cerrado, Brazil

Climate, Environment and Biodiversity







Project Description


The Cerrado in central Brazil is the largest savanna in South America and originally covered about 25% of Brazil’s land area. The frequency and intensity of savanna fires in particular has led to an increasing degradation of the Cerrado as an important carbon sink.

AMBERO improves the existing fire management system as well as the land use and protected area management and therefore helps stabilize the rich biodiversity of the savanna in the Cerrado.

The local population will be guided in their return to an effective and more responsible and sustainable use of fire for managing their lands.

Project website hosted at the Ministry of Environment of Brazil
Project Narrative (akzente 4/15) as PDF
Project Video (DW in German, 6:48 min)

General Information
Topics:Climate, Environment and Biodiversity
Service:1. Organizational development, cooperation management, and strengthening of participatory mechanisms in the fields of protected area management and fire prevention and control
• Support networking and collaborations between partner institutions and with other institutions working in the Cerrado
• Advise and support the development of diagnostic and planning instruments, accompany their application and implementation of associated events
• Provide conceptional and organizational support to strengthen coordination mechanisms and stakeholder competencies in the project activities
• Organize awareness-raising and environmental education activities
2. Support and advise on a program to disseminate alternatives to the use of fire in rural areas
3. Support services in the field of knowledge management, systematization, and public relations