Evaluation develoPPP.de – Analysis tool and impact-oriented evaluation of 240 development partnerships

Evaluation develoPPP.de – Analysis tool and impact-oriented evaluation of 240 development partnerships


On the occasion of the 20th anniversary of the develoPPP.de programme, GIZ wanted to empirically prove the impacts of more than 240 development partnerships, implemented globally in close cooperation with private sector companies between 2009 and 2018. On behalf of GIZ, AMBERO designed an empirical database for the statistical evaluation of the impacts at the level of individual projects and the entire programme.



Project description


The idea behind the develoPPP.de programme is to link development policy objectives with entrepreneurial commitment and to jointly implement projects for sustainable development, so-called development partnerships (EPW). The develoPPP.de programme is currently celebrating its 20th anniversary. However, it has not yet been empirically proven to which extent the objectives of the partners involved have been achieved. Both the aggregation and synthesis of the impact at the individual project level and at the level of the entire programme have so far only been examined to a limited extent and there is a lack of empirical evidence.


For the GIZ, its implementing partners and the general public it is important to have validated evidence, which is based on figures and facts, that proves that the objectives set by the individual develoPPP.de projects and the whole programmes have been achieved. The BMZ is interested in demonstrating the relevance for sustainable development, the results and effectiveness of the funded projects and in providing evidence that sustainable structures have been established. These questions and the success factors associated were answered by us on the basis of an evaluation of a total number of 240 completed EPW.

Regional and Economic Development

Client: GIZ

Period: 01.-05.2019

Country: Global



Our objective was to synthesize evaluations of completed develoPPP.de projects based on the final project reports. The population consists of the completed development partnerships from the period 2009-2018.


Our core services consisted in:

  • The development of a demand-oriented analysis tool:
    • Development of a code book for coding the data sets.
    • Development of an IT-supported evaluation tool (in Excel) and creation of an empirical database to allow long-term evaluation.
    • Usability test for data acquisition and aggregation with 50 projects.
    • Development of a user’s manual.
  • The data analysis:
    • Collection and aggregation of the existing data of 240 completed development partnerships with the help of the evaluation tool.
    • Evaluation of the data and identification of project conditions that result in highly effective projects: e.g. regions/country, branches/sectors, project type, contract type, income status of the country, size of the company, location of the company.
    • Correlation between specific project key figures, previously defined influencing factors and the results/effectiveness according to OECD/DAC criteria.