Drinking Water Supply and Sanitation in Mali

Drinking Water Supply and Sanitation in Mali

Climate, Environment and Biodiversity




2016 – 2018



Project description:


Adequate water supply and sanitation are essential to the development of Mali. Despite some progress, those responsible for the supply of clean water and sanitation are still not fulfilling their roles.


GIZ´s drinking water supply and sanitation program PEPA aims at strengthening all stakeholders’ capacities at a national and local level.


AMBERO is helping one of these actors – the Government of Mali – to prepare the new sector program PROSEA (Programme Sectoriel Eau et Assainissement).


PROSEA was launched in 2004 by the Government of Mali to achieve the Millennium Development Goals (MDG) regarding drinking water, sanitation and integrated water resource management by 2015.


As a new set of goals and building on the achievements of the MDG’s, the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) were adopted by UN Member States in 2015. Following that, the Government of Mali has decided to prepare a new PROSEA in line with the SDG’s.



The objective of AMBERO’s mission is to equip Mali with a new sector program and to ensure its successful management by designing an appropriate Monitoring and Evaluation system. The project accords the same importance to the assessment of PROSEA 2004-2015: it is a necessary step in the establishment of a new program but also an efficient tool to learn from past experiences.

General Information
Topics:Climate, Environment and Biodiversity
Services1. Evaluate the first PROSEA program
2. Formulate the second PROSEA program building on the results of step 1 as well as taking into account new expectations and objectives
3. Elaborate a handbook for a M&E system to help manage the program