Decentralization and Local Development Assistance Program (PADDL I and II)

Decentralization and Local Development Assistance Program (PADDL I and II)

Good Governance and Civil Society




PADDL I: 2008-2012 / PADDL II: 2012-2016



Project Description


Important milestones have been reached in Cameroon in both decentralization and poverty reduction. Initiated in 1996, the decentralization reform of government and administrative systems has now made significant progress. The IMF and World Bank assessed the implementation of the national poverty reduction strategy PRSP in 2003 as generally positive.

However, more efforts are required.In the situation in which the decentralized local authorities perform their duties inadequately, their comparative advantage in the provision of poverty-oriented, efficient, and demand-oriented services at the local level goes to waste.



The program aims to advance decentralization and poverty reduction. The aim is to ensure that selected local authority and decision-makers communities self-determinedly shape their social and economic environment and contribute to poverty reduction.

Consortium with PEM Consult

General Information
Topics:Good Governance and Civil Society
Period:PADDL I: 2008-2012 / PADDL II: 2012-2016
Service:Technical, organizational, and process consulting on "decentralization reform" and "Implementing the PRSP II" for poverty reduction
Regular reworking and evaluation of the experiences as a contribution to the program’s knowledge management
Ensuring the monitoring and evaluation system for the national decentralization process