Advisory and Training for the Maritime Related Industries of Timor-Leste

Advisory and Training for the Maritime Related Industries of Timor-Leste

Regional and Economic Development






Timor Leste

Project Description


The economic development of Timor-Leste depends to a high degree on the strategic development of the ports and its backcountry infrastructure and the improvement of operational efficiency in transport and logistics. A strong maritime sector has the potential to induce economic growth in more or less directly related sectors such as transportation of goods and passengers, fishing and tourism.

Strengthening human and institutional maritime capacities and creating responsible regulatory institutions that act correspondingly to international maritime standards is one of the most promising ways of tapping the economic potential of Timor-Leste.



The objective of the project is to contribute to the strengthening of institutional, legal and personal capacities of maritime management and of vocational training institutions, which are connected to the maritime sector of Timor-Leste.

In close collaboration with employers of maritime workers, AMBERO Consulting and partners provide practical maritime trainings and studies as well as the development of 15 job profiles at managerial and workers’ level in the maritime sector.

Doing so, AMBERO Consulting will contribute to the promotion of female employment by specifically addressing young women to encourage them to participate in maritime training, including gender-differentiating lessons and activities addressed not only to young women but to young men as well.

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General Information
Topics:Regional and Economic Development
Country:Timor Leste
Service:Curricula Development of 15 modular thematic training packages “job profiles” in the port sector in Timor-Leste
Development and delivery of five Maritime Trainings for managerial and workers jobs in the maritime sector: Port Management, Induction Course for Port Stevedores of Multipurpose Terminal, Training for HAZMAT Response Brigade, Container Operation, Induction Course on IALA Aids to Navigation System.
Design and conduction of six specific technical studies for the improvement of maritime safety and marine environmental protection in Timor-Leste (e.g.: Maritime Traffic Control and Communication Center in the Northern Coast of Timor-Leste, Traffic organization and layout at Port of Dili, Basic requirements on preparedness for the design of the National Contingency Plan for Oil Spill Response).