Advice and Training to the maritime related Industries in Timor-Leste

Advice and Training to the maritime related Industries in Timor-Leste

Regional and Economic Development




01/2017 – 12/2021


Timor Leste

Project description:


In Timor-Leste, the institutional requirements for a functional maritime sector that responds to international expectations are yet to be established.

The lack of capacities within governmental organisations and inadequate availability of professionals in lower, medium and higher levels of management at Timorese administrative bodies are one of the main causes for the problems identified within the maritime sector in Timor-Leste.

The sector lacks the legal framework for operation, occupational safety and environmental protection, as set out and globally recognised in IMO- and ILO-conventions.

The country also lacks trained seafarers and other qualified specialists for the maritime sector, which is characterized by a high potential to grow. Existing vocational training is unable to meet current and future demand of maritime professionals in terms of quantity and quality.



Therefore, this project aims at strengthening the Timorese maritime sector increasingly to operate in accordance with internationally recognized standards from a legal, institutional and human resources standpoint.

General Information
Topics:Regional and Economic Development
Period:01/2017 – 12/2021
Country:Timor Leste
Service:Field of Activity 1 – Legal Advice:

Provision of advisory services for national decision-makers and authorities during the continued process of ratifying IMO and ILO conventions2. Development and implementation of cooperation mechanisms for rendering of account, especially in the water sector
3. Development and implementation of cooperation mechanisms between local government and civil society organizations for an improved and demand responsive use, upkeep and monitoring of local facilities
4. Intercommunal exchange regarding widespread impacts of previously gained experiences in the project (horizontal upscaling)1. Strategic municipal development planning;
2. Human Resource Management
3. Municipal development
4. Modernization of civil registry
5. Improved internal management of the local government, through the use of manuals and auto-evaluation
6. Increasing tax revenues
7. Realistic and transparent budget management
Field of Activity 2 – Institutional/Organizational Development:

Provision of technical and institutional support to the government, the National Maritime Transport Authority (DNTM) and the Port Administration of Timor-Leste (APORTIL) through capacity and organizational development measures
Advisory services for the port administration on operations and regarding maintaining the Berlin Nakroma ferry and any other state-owned ferries;
Field of Activity 3 – Training and Employment Promotion:

Contribution to meeting the partners’ immediate need for professionals through short-term measures
Advisory services to TVET institutions on developing and introducing specific training courses for the consolidation of ratified international conventions.
Organization of study tours and the coordination of donor activities within the maritime sector as essential parts of the project.