New observatory for a sustainable water management in Lima

New observatory for a sustainable water management in Lima

© Miguel Anicama (Juli 2017)

Within the scope of the GIZ program ‚Adaptation of water resources management in urban areas to climate change with private sector participation – ProACC‘, the AMBERO-GITEC team supports the process of setting up and operating an observatory for the surveillance of the hydrological and water management processes in the catchment area of the rivers Chillón, Rímac and Lurín in Peru. Over 80% of the water resources for the metropolis Lima are taken from these rivers. Now, this observatory has started operations.

After the observatory had been officially established in accordance with a participatory organization model in June 2016, the capacity building for institutional and technical functions began during the last months. The emphasis of the first activities taken out by the observatory are the establishment of a data information system, as well as the development of a first annual report on the water management situation in the catchment area.

Currently the observatory’s steering committee consists of representatives of nine members among them two representatives from the private sector. The localities of the observatory are located in the headquarters of the national water authority (Autoridad Nacional del Agua, ANA), in close proximity to the national center for water management information (Oficina del Sistema Nacional de Información de Recursos Hídricos – OSNIRH). Thus, an ideal linkage to the already existing national information system can be guaranteed and important synergies can be utilized.


In the future, the synergies with the OSNIRH and the ANA remain to be used as envisioned and for the institutional, as well as technical competences of the observatory to be strengthened further to guarantee its existence and a sustainable operation.

Date: 08.08.2017
Topics: GIZ water programm ProACC in Peru