Integrity and compliance: our values


AMBERO’s corporate values and principles are the basis of our decisions and daily actions. We act with integrity and do not accept any violations of applicable laws, in Germany as well as in our partner countries, and our principles and rules.


We have set out our principles such as equality, compliance with contracts and the law, transparency, loyalty, trust, and cooperation in a spirit of partnership in the Code of Conduct and act accordingly. We also expect the same from our subcontractors and professionals and want our partners and target groups to respect our principles.


At AMBERO integrity is a matter for the management


AMBERO employees inform the management of any violations of the principles of integrity. All information will be examined carefully and confidentially. Any reproaches or complaints made must be convincing and coherent, and if possible, based on solid evidence.


The management ensures that there are no negative consequences for people who provide information in justified cases. All references can also be sent to the e-mail address compliance[at] or via AMBERO’s whistle-blower portal EQS Integrity Line under the umbrella of the Dorsch Gruppe – A Group of Companies.