AMBERO's competence

Development cooperation aims to improve the living conditions and future prospects of marginalized communities. This is a diverse and complex task. It spans across securing resources and environmental protection, promoting democratization and social and economic development. It is all about initiating processes of change. Sustainable successes are especially evident when these interdependencies are fully considered.

As an experienced service provider, we are fully aware of these requirements. We have successfully prepared, implemented, and completed many projects in Europe, Latin America, Africa, and increasingly in Asia.

AMBERO's main fields of expertise are:

Our Services

Every idea, every initiative finds fertile ground when those affected can adequately participate. It is crucial that they obtain the necessary expertise and capacity in order to implement activities independently and sustainably. Our aim is to ensure that development occurs with our partners on equal footing.

With our local partners, we develop solutions that take into account local knowledge and ensure the lasting impact of our contributions.


We offer the following engineering and consulting services:


  • Project management and project implementation
  • Concept development and planning consultation
  • Program management and impact monitoring
  • Technical advice and assessments, as well as technical and professional comment
  • Backstopping, coaching, and process support
  • Policy and strategy consultation
  • Organizational and team development consulting
  • Research and development of evaluation and planning processes
  • Continuing education and training


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