New observatory for a sustainable water management in Lima

Within the scope of the GIZ program 'Adaptation of water resources management in urban areas to climate change with private sector participation - ProACC', the AMBERO-GITEC team supports the process of setting up and operating an observatory for the surveillance of the hydrological and water management processes in the catchment area of the rivers Chillón, Rímac and Lurín in Peru. Over 80% of the water resources for the metropolis Lima are taken from these rivers. Now, this observatory has started operations.

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Supporting the drive for improvement

Technical cooperation (TC) is one of the major building blocks of official development assistance (ODA). The theoretical framework for it has changed considerably since its inception – a change that reflects a new awareness: the emphasis today is on transferring ownership of consultancy to partner countries.


Technical article by Cédric Kotitschke and Alexandre Martinez

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The Berlin Charta – For a sustainable development of the rural world with the youth

It must have been an interesting picture that the German Development Minister Dr. Gerd Müller came across in his office: On his initiative, around 130 young adults from African countries, Germany, as well as the G20 states came together in Berlin this past April and discussed the future of the rural world. This three-day ‘Rural Future Lab’ served as preparation for the G20 conference ‘Future of the Rural World. Innovation – Youth – Employment’ and was meant for the youth’s voice to be heard in this context.

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AMBERO remains active in Timor-Leste

Between July 2014 and May 2016 AMBERO Consulting has, in a consortium with its partner ma-co implemented one component of the GIZ project ‘Advice and Training in the maritime sector in Timor-Leste’. AMBERO has now won the tender for the follow up phase of the project, which had been advertised last year and thus AMBERO remains active in Timor-Leste’s maritime sector.

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AMBERO Year Review

AMBERO’s fourteenth year of existence lays behind us, which was characterized by successful project completions and exciting challenges in new projects, as well as countries.

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