Services for International Development Since 2003 we support national and international
development agencies.
Good Governance and a strong civil society is a
prerequesite for sustainable development.
AMBERO assists and supports the
state and local communities.
Sustainable use benefits from diversity
rather than threaten it.
Together with all stakeholders,
AMBERO mobilizes local and international expertise.
Improving living conditions through
economic development.
AMBERO plans and advises across all sectors and levels. Projects
Good Governance und eine starke Zivilgesellschaft sind
Voraussetzung nachhaltiger Entwicklung. 
AMBERO unterstützt und fördert
Staat und Zivilgesellschaft.

As a reliable service provider in the field of international development,…

the trust of local people, partners and clients is key.



We see ourselves as a service provider to our clients in the field of international development. Since 2003, AMBERO Consulting has supported national and international development agencies in the design, preparation, implementation, and monitoring of small and large projects that improve living conditions around the world.


At the heart of our work is a dynamic team integrated in interdisciplinary networks worldwide.


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