Civil Status Gamifikathon in Cameroon

Civil Status Gamifikathon in Cameroon

Civil registration in Cameroon has become a Government responsibility and the focus of state action, with MINDDEVEL at the central level and BUNEC at the national reform level.
A well developed and functioning civil registration system ensures the registration of all vital events including births, marriages and deaths and issues relevant certificates as proof of such registration. Civil registration promotes efficient government planning, effective use of resources and aid, and more accurate monitoring of progress towards achieving the Sustainable Development Goals, which is still a big challenge in Cameroon. In Cameroon, only 61% of children under 5 years have birth certificates.


As a result to this, the German cooperation, through GIZ PAMEC, works with BUNEC in the modernisation of the Civil Registration and Vital Statistics by organising a Hackathon as means to diversify sensitisation tools to create public awareness on the importance of civil registration and vital statistics in Cameroon.


Hackathon was the mechanism used in contributing to the global objective of supporting the diversification in sensitisation in BUNEC.


Why Hackathon?

Hackathon is an event/competition where several teams are competing to create prototypes that innovate on a theme. The participants work rapidly and often work without sleep to achieve their task.


Hackathon with ActivSpaces

The activity proper-Hackathon took place with a total of 15 young participants of 30 years of age and below. That is, 12 males and 3 females. These 15 developers were shared into 5 teams of 3 persons per team: Nashma, Kmergaming, Wakanda237, Raptors and Ghost.


The young developers were mobilised through social media portals like Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn for a 3 days event.


Some highlights

  • Introduction to principals of Gamification by Kiro’o on video conference call
  • Online-Training on gdevelop-app performed remotely by a PALO ALTOURS representative
  • Brainstorming and working in teams (even over the nights)
  • Coaching of all Teams through ActivSpaces
  • Final evaluation and the wining team awarded


The young talented developers were guided and advised by five coaches from ActivSpaces on new tactics and techniques on product designing and presentation. This coaching greatly explains the quality end results of all the talented young developers.
All the young participants were sensitised on Civil Status and Vital Statistics.


With a lot of competitiveness and determination, the team Nashma product/game was crowned as overall best amongst other talented games:

Thanks to Mathieu Deffontaines, GIZ digital ambassador, for the organisation of this event.


More information about this event here.