AMBERO´s quality management system

AMBERO´s quality management system

Our understanding of quality

For us, quality means that we know and fulfil the expectations of our internal and external customers regarding our services, products and processes, and that we perform our services economically. In doing so, we do not only have current but also future customer expectations in mind.

We aim to learn from our current projects and to continuously improve our products and services. The same applies to our internal procedures and processes, whose regular improvement is part of our quality management system (QMS).

The principles that guide our quality requirements are:


  • Holistic approach, interdisciplinary and competent,
  • Efficient and impact-oriented project implementation,
  • Practical advice, customer, and target group orientation,
  • Open error culture and participation of the involved persons,
  • Employee orientation,
  • Sustainable action with environmental and social compatibility,
  • Consideration of gender and cultural aspects,
  • Integrity and transparency,
  • Profitability,
  • Meeting management standards and acting flexibly.

In line with these principles, AMBERO counts on a system for quality assurance and control of processes to achieve consistent and customer-oriented quality. The management board has committed itself to consistently apply and continuously improve the quality management system. In addition, we have two Quality Management Representatives who take on essential tasks for the maintenance of our QM system. Our system is reviewed annually as part of our continuous process of organisational development and our annual reflection.

AMBERO´s quality management system

Managing and improving our work processes and ensuring our quality has been central in our company´s culture since AMBERO was founded in 2003. Early on, our heads of section were responsible for the further development of our most important processes related to acquisition and project management.


In April 2015 we established our internal control system, which bundled these subjects.


Since November 2020 AMBERO is certified in accordance with ISO 9001:2015 to demonstrate our ability to consistently provide products and services that meet customer and regulatory requirements and to demonstrate continuous improvement.


The five elements that describe our quality management system are:

Find our ISO 9001 : 2015 Certificate here.