AMBERO wins new project in Serbia

AMBERO wins new project in Serbia

Rural Development: Effective Land Management


Facing a situation of highly fragmented agricultural land, an agricultural production characterized by subsistence farming and the post-socialist heritage of approximately 400.000 ha of agricultural land in state ownership, Serbia’s agricultural sector needs to be structurally modified to bring higher benefits to the society. A commercial farm structure appropriate to the needs of a modern market economy is beneficial as other EU countries have proven.

The consortium AMBERO Consulting Gesellschaft mbH (AMBERO) and ICON INSTITUT Public Sector GmbH (ICON) will contribute to that ambitious goal by providing national and international short-term-experts, implementing seminars and workshops, organizing study-tours to get to know first-hand EU best practices, as well as advising and managing the procurement of an IT system. All in close cooperation with the GIZ project management and partner institutions.


Four results are expected:


  • Legal and administrative framework improved according to EU best practice
  • Improved management and monitoring procedures for state-owned land in place on national and municipal level
  • Schemes for consolidation of agricultural land implemented
  • Schemes for combating abandonment of agricultural land implemented

Date: 27.05.2013
Topics: Project won, Strengthening Municipal Land Management in Serbia