AMBERO in Peru – Ministry of Justice and GIZ sign a cooperation agreement

AMBERO in Peru – Ministry of Justice and GIZ sign a cooperation agreement

The Peruvian Ministry of Justice and Human Rights and GIZ signed a cooperation agreement, which aims to strengthen the justice sector on an institutional level.


The goal of the cooperation is to optimise institutional processes, to develop knowledge-management and information systems and to outline norms and guidelines. The project will offer technical advice to the secretariat in charge of implementing the penal code, to a special anti-corruption institute, to the directorate for criminal law and penal sentences, to the directorate for human rights, to the office of the minister, the deputy minister and the general secretariat.


The agreement was signed by the Minister of Justice and Human Rights, Eda Rivas Franchini, and the director of the GIZ program Good governance and state reform, Hartmut Paulsen. Paulsen emphasized the GIZ’s effort to continue providing technical advice for state reform, especially in the areas of fighting crime and security.


GIZ has lent the Ministry of Justice and the Supreme Court its support for reforming the penal system since 2003. The new penal system has already been installed in 16 judicial districts. AMBERO has been involved in the implementation of the project since 2010.


Further information on the project in Peru can be found here.

Date: 30.04.2013
Topics: Peru: cooperation between GIZ and Justice Ministry strengthened.