Agribusiness (M)SME Innovation Coaches Certification Information Meetings

Agribusiness (M)SME Innovation Coaches Certification Information Meetings

Iraq’s is one step closer to having 25 certified Agribusiness (M)SME Innovation Coaches!

From the 27th to the 29th of June 2022, AMBERO carried out three online meetings with key stakeholders including representatives from Al-Nahrain University , University of Baghdad/College of Agricultural Engineering Sciences, Dijla Agricultural Association, University of Diyala – Agriculture College, as well as private companies in the agricultural sector, and potential Innovation Coaches. The meetings targeted the three geographical clusters where the project is implemented:

  • region 1: Baghdad and Diyala,
  • region 2: Basra and Diwaniyah, and
  • region 3: Erbil and Mosul (Ninewa).


During the meeting, over 70 participants had an opportunity to learn more about the upcoming Agribusiness (M)SME Innovation Coaches Certification. Additionally, attendees participated in discussions with agribusiness experts regarding the status-quo, potentials and challenges of selected agribusinesses and value chains in Iraq. The debate spurred in these meetings was just a small but exciting sample of what the course will bring in terms of building networks, fostering exchanges, and acquiring knowledge!


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Stay tuned for more updates on the selection process and further implementation of the course!


The programme is implemented as part of the Private Sector Development & Employment Promotion (PSD) Project of GIZ. It is jointly funded by the German Federal Ministry of Economic Cooperation and Development and the European Union.