AMBERO’s walk in the park

Walk in and around Idstein-Heftrich, Naturpark RheinTaunus

The team of our head offices in Kronberg i.Ts. works from very remote places all around Germany and even abroad. Once a year we try to get everyone together and spend some time away from the screens, sharing good conversations, laughter and of course food.

This year we spend the day in a remote hut in the Naturpark RheinHessen, which actually bears the largest unfragmented forest area in Hesse, around 21.000 hectares. The day started with a shared breakfast in the wooden hut before we took on the challenge of building a marble track together. A marble track? Exactly. Bringing colleagues together in small teams to collaborate on one big project we had the pleasure to build parts of a marble track that were all put together in the end. The good news: we managed, and the marbles ran through the built track without any major impediments.

After successfully mastering this challenge, we went over to a generous barbecue with a delicious abundance of grilled meat, cheese, and vegetables, completed with a mouth-watering salad and side dishes buffet and some cool drinks. A perfect banquet for a hot summer day in the woods.

German tradition has it, that after a good meal the best digestive is taking a walk. Equipped with sun protection we went to explore the beautiful surroundings of Idstein-Heftrich and concluded this lovely team outing with a pleasant walk in the park.