Proudly Presenting our New Logo

After almost 20 years, we say good-bye to our original logo, and are excited to share a modern continuation, maintaining its identity-creating, recognized elements while showcasing its belonging to the strong network of Dorsch Gruppe.

Among AMBEROs guiding principles stands creativity and flexibility – finding new ways and new solutions. Today, we are excited to enter a new path with you and present to you our brand-new logo.

The original logo that accompanied AMBEROs growth into the successful development consultancy it is today, was designed in 2004, with slight modernizations in the subsequent years. Its look and high recognition value have significantly helped shape our sustained success as well as our trusted relations with partners.

“After almost 20 years, we were excited to further develop our logo, let it evolve, give room for a more modern, leaner, translucent look while maintaining its identity-creating character, our colors, and our strong brand. This is accompanied by a new addition that illustrates our belonging to Dorsch Gruppe” explains Managing Director Juan Neidhardt.

The new logo is characterized by continuity: a clear further development from its original, it was selected in a participatory approach together with the entire AMBERO staff.

The warm, familiar mango-yellow remains our main color, symbolizing joy, and cheerfulness – also relating to our second guiding principle of “joy in meaningfulness and success”. Another key element is the slight hill / swing that draws through the logo – deliberately leaving it to the viewer whether it represents a landscape, or an upswing. “Having experienced, how these colors have been embraced by project staff all around the globe, led us to insist on a prominent use in all new applications” adds Dr. Bernd Amler, former Managing Director and founder of AMBERO, who was extensively involved in pre-selecting design options for the new logo and embraced the opportunity to refresh the logo in parallel to the management handover.

This rich identity and colorful spirit are what AMBERO aims to continue carrying into its project countries, into the close collaboration with its partners, and into its impactful development cooperation work. Last but not least, the third guiding principle shaping our work is “win-win cooperation”. Fittingly, this is not only true for the company’s project work and services, but also for its belonging to Dorsch Gruppe: The new logo’s triad of symbol, company name, and the Dorsch Gruppe addition now uniquely showcases AMBEROs part in/connection to the strong network of Dorsch Gruppe, while preserving its well-established, individual brand.

Fresh logo, same spirit: We are looking forward to continuing shaping living spaces and livelihoods worldwide together with our sister companies.